"A family is a team" Time management is crucial for a very busy working mother with 3 children! Doing housework, working, and caring for children every day.

2017.2.10 Mrs. Terashima

Mrs. Terashima is a working mother who is raising 3 children while working. Next April, her eldest daughter will enter elementary school. We spoke about time management for the family in daily life.
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To Prevent "Oops, I Made a Mistake!!"

What made you think to use TimeTree in the first place?

Since I started preparing my eldest daughter for elementary school entrance exams, I began to have so many things to do and I was struggling with the lack of time to share information with my husband.

Because I was starting to cause trouble, such as by telling the grandparents the wrong time to come to the house, I began using TimeTree to try managing my time.

Organize Everything Together

How specifically are you using it?

I manage the places where I drop off my younger 2 children and my plans for their rides to preschool in a way that everything fits around the schedule for elementary school entrance exams. At first, my husband and I were managing the plans, but the more we started to use it, we began to involve the grandparents and the babysitters so that they can help look after our children. In addition to my family plans, I also made separate calendars to manage work outings and business trips, as well as household finances, so that I can organize everything together on TimeTree.

Are there any tips you want to share with people who use TimeTree?

I even put unimportant things, such as letter and event schedules that my children receive at preschool, into TimeTree right away. When these items become unnecessary or the tasks are completed, I can just delete them, so I register everything before I forget and share the information with my family. Also, in order to avoid missed payment of monthly fees, I set an alarm as a reminder for payment dates. I also use the comments section when we can't meet because of business trips because it makes it clear which plan we are talking about.

You are really using it well.

Realizing Pressure-free Life Together

Have there been benefits of using TimeTree?

The best benefit is that I no longer have miscommunication with my husband. At the time, we all aimed for pressure-free planning because we had a common goal of the entrance exams. Because we especially valued the care of our 2 younger children, I believe that everything went well because of the support from the grandparents and the babysitters. Also, the process from downloading to adding plans is so easy that the grandparents in their 60s can manage plans with TimeTree alone without use of a notebook.

We interviewed a working mother who is expertly managing her time between work and raising 3 children. We were very impressed by her use of TimeTree for childcare that goes beyond the frame of family.

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