TimeTree helps married couples enjoy their days off.
TimeTree also documents the childbirth progression with photos.

August 20th, 2015, Mr. and Mrs. Fujiki

We have interviewed Mrs. Fujiki who is a member of JUBILEE WORKS. She is expecting to give birth this autumn. (Congratulations!) TimeTree is documenting this childbirth.

"They are planning to take off from work at the same time. They will have an easier time to schedule their days off to make it worthwhile."

What plans do you have on your shared calendar?

Looks like mainly plans for both of you, right? Plans to hold an event by both of you, going shopping at IKEA, or going to see a movie. Both the husband and wife should also enter his and her individual plans for the days off. You can then easily see whether your plans can match or not.
Previously, most of your days off were hit-or-miss. However, since you can now see at a glance your family's schedule, it makes it easier to make plans in advance.

"Documentation of the pregnancy including ultrasound images. Looking back together on the everyday events."

Any other use besides for near-future plans?

Data is added to the schedule so you can see at a glance what week or month the pregnancy is in. The husband is adding ultrasound images to the schedule.
There are other matters for the future. The schedule to be shared with your family (inspecting a daycare center in five months, time deposit account to mature in three months, etc.) was prone to be forgotten about and shared at the last minute (too much rushing). It would then be too late for your family to make it. And so it was hard to manage the schedule. However, TimeTree makes it very convenient since you can write in the plans whenever you need and share them.

"Free from complicated scheduling adjustments. This can perhaps reduce marital spats."

Again listen to the advantages of using TimeTree to share scheduled plans.

When you want to match the scheduling for someone, there are no complicated scheduling conditions such as "the 1st is out" or "this day is okay only from a certain time, but then it won't work for another person." Since there is no need for complicated correspondence for scheduling, it is really convenient for family members who need to know each other's schedule.
Also, even when you make judgments by thinking, "Aren't you going to too many drinking parties?", if the schedule is shared, you can see how many times you went out drinking this month. This may reduce marital spats. (laughter)

Thank you very much. These are specific examples of using TimeTree.

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