Ms. Utaka, Life Organizer - about her family members, work, and private life. She uses three calendars, and which one she uses depends on whom she is sharing her information with

2015.11.9 Ms. Utaka, Life Organizer

Ms. Utaka is a mother of two and also works as a life organizer. She is the head of "Uchikara". Ms. Utaka used TimeTree to help herself cope with work, family members, and her own private life.

TimeTree is perfect for people who function visually using the right brain.

Please tell us a bit about your work.

I am part of "Uchikara" as a life organizer, and I actually represent the group. A life organizer is essentially a person who organizes "thoughts" and "space".
Specifically, we hold courses on room clean-up, and we also go to our clients' houses to offer consultation services on clean-up and storage. We don't simply tell people how to clean - rather, we teach them how to clean up based on their respective situations and lifestyles. In this past March, we had a book published, too.
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I see. How did you find out about TimeTree?

I was originally struggling with having my plans scheduled. We have three external staff members working at Uchikara, and they all work with us as life organizers while having their respective families to support. We used to communicate electronically with one another because we don't get to see one another in the office every day. We just didn't have a tool that could effectively help us share our schedules with one another.

What sort of tools were you guys looking for?

We usually teach our clients how to clean up depending on which "side" of the brain they are used to using. As far as keeping a schedule goes, I thought it would be good if I could find something that would work to my advantage in the same manner. I am used to using the right side of my brain. To me, it's important to be able to visually have a grasp of the big picture. TimeTree works just fine for me because it has a user-friendly monthly review function, which really helps me see things in the big picture. And to make things even better, it comes in colors, and that makes things so much more easier to understand.
Most importantly, you only need this one tool to be able to share schedules with one another. With other tools, after setting up an appointment on a certain date, you need to actually message people to let them know that you have done so.

The Three Calendars

So how do you use TimeTree?

I use three calendars - one for my family members, one for staff members at Uchikara, and one for my private life. I tend to go through my plans in the "all my calendars" page, and only check respective calendars when need be.

Specifically, what sort of plans do you share with people?

As for my work calendar, I keep tasks and staff members organized with color tabs. As far as tasks go, red, for example, is a reminder for when I actually need to be in front of my desk to do work, and light blue is for when I need to offer consultation for my clients. People who work with me know what those color tabs mean, so when they see the color tabs, they know exactly what I need to do on which days.
Then, with color tabs for our staff members, I use the color tabs for when I need to match up time with them in the slightly distant future. Blue, for example, is for A, and green is for B, and all I need to do is to see on which days they will be open for me to grab them. We talk about when we can go and provide consultation for our clients based those days.

I see you are quite used to using TimeTree for work! Can you tell us a bit about the other calendars, too?

The way I use TimeTree to handle my schedule with my family members is quite simple, I think. My husband and I would schedule our own time to spend together using TimeTree, and what is going to happen at our kids elementary school and kindergarten. As for my private calendar, I would put down things like "change contact lenses" that are not really meant for anyone else but only for myself to see and remember. It's really convenient how I have separate calendars for different purposes.

Get your scheduling all done with TimeTree!

What do you think is great about using TimeTree?

I was actually just looking for something that would be able to help me share my schedule with people, and I really like how TimeTree really makes my life so much easier for me. My husband has never been the most tech-savvy, but TimeTree is really just so easy to use that he never had to struggle trying to figure out how to use it, and now he can even enter things into TimeTree on his own.
Most of our staff members at Uchikara had never used any sort of calendar applications before, but we never struggled getting oursevles used to it, either.

That's wonderful. How did you feel about it, though?

I think it's great how I can get my scheduling all done with TimeTree. It notifies all parties involved when someone has reserved a certain period of time, so you don't have to contact people on your own. Also, with TimeTree, I can stay up to date with schedules of people from my family and work, so I don't have to go through the hassle of, for example, having to contact people when I get home.

Thank you for being with us today!

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