[AIESEC Keio University Committee] The various activities of individuals become visible. Being able to see each other’s results increases member motivation.

2015.11.25 AIESEC Keio University Committee

The Keio University Committee of AIESEC, a student NPO that operates a student overseas internship program, is using TimeTree. We talked about this development with Committee Vice Chair Mr. Oba.

Usage method: View at a glance each member’s activity status.

Would you give us a simple introduction to the AIESAC Keio University Committee?

AIESAC is the world’s largest student organization with over 100,000 students involved in activities in 128 countries and territories around the world. The two main programs of our organization are finding domestic companies that will host university student interns from overseas and sending domestic university students for internships in overseas companies. In Japan there are committees in 25 universities, and the Keio University Committee has about 120 committee members.

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What are the actual daily activities of the committee?

The receiving program looks for companies to host the interns from overseas, handles public relations that includes making proposals and negotiating with these companies, and provides travel preparation for the overseas students being hosted and intern assistance for the companies. TimeTree creates a calendar for each sales project and records the public relations schedule with each company that is considering hosting an intern to make visible the activities of the overall project .

Merit: Everyone sees everyone else’s efforts, which in turn further motivates each individual.

What do you feel are the merits of using TimeTree?

For the regular public relations work, each member looks for and contacts candidate companies, so the members are working individually. With TimeTree we can now see all of their activities at a glance on the calendar.Previously, it was difficult to see actions of the overall organization, but now that we can see the status of each other’s activities, the members can see the others working hard, which motivates them to do so as well. We expect that continuing this visibility will nurture a feeling of unity in the organization.

Thank you so much!

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