Perfect for families: No more worries! You can always look up each others' information through shared calendars

2015.8.20 Mr and Mrs Matsuda

Introducing the third account of real-life use is the wife of one of our staff members at JUBILEE WORKS. Husband and wife have created original ways of using TimeTree, posting shared memos like "Grocery List" and "Information That May Concern Us".

"We use it not only for our schedules, but also note down any events that could be relevant beforehand."

What kind of appointments do you have in your shared calendar?

My appointments, my husband's appointments, shared appointments, information that may concern us, grocery lists. Aside from directly creating appointments, we also save information that may concern us. For example, when the cake shop we frequent is closed for vacation, when there will be a festival nearby and such.

"By saving the grocery list as an event, I make use of the memo board's notification function."

Are there any unique ways you make use of TimeTree?

I would say saving grocery lists as schedules is one way. Titling the event as "Grocery List", I use the memo section as a checklist for items we must buy. It's useful as information isn't lost, so at times when we wonder "What was I supposed to buy?" we can check immediately.

"In any case, if I first note down here I don't have to worry"

Please tell us again what the merits of sharing schedules using TimeTree are.

I think being able to convey things to the other person at the time when I recall, without having to personally contact them is good. Before this, thinking "oh I have to tell them the next time we meet" but eventually forgetting happened too frequently. In contrast, if I sent a message on the spot to tell them, after we continued talking in the chat, I would wind up being unable to find that specific message.
Using TimeTree, making notes suits my timing, also I don't have to worry info will be lost so it's great that it makes me think "In any case, if I first note down here I don't have to worry."

Thank you very much for the informative interview!

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