We don't have to write everything on paper anymore. Life’s just a little easier with TimeTree.

2018.1.20 Michael

Michael, You are sharing a calendar with your wife and mother. Tell us about your family.

We are living in the beautiful city Oberasbach, Germany. I work as a mobile nurse and have different shifts every week maybe everyday. We also have two kids (2 & 6) who go to kindergarten. Since my wife,Siska has returned to school to become a nurse for kids, we have to organize everything.

What were your challenges in organizing your family schedule?

We were writing everything on a paper wall calendar. The main problem with it was, that if we had any changes we had to cross it out and after a while the whole thing looked like a battlefield. Also we wrote quick notes and then clipped it onto the calendar. With best luck somebody remembered to write it from the note onto the calendar. Mostly, that didn't happen.

How do you use TimeTree with your wife and mother?

We created a family calendar and share everything on TimeTree.. mainly my work schedule,going out to dinner,playdates with friends from our kids,picking up the kids,shopping and more. I create many events for my shift work. Each work day is displayed with a colored line at the beginning to the end - For example, “Lateshift” is black and green, “morning shift” is Grey,“Day's off” is Red. To successfully copy an event without re-entering,I utilize Drag and Drop function. Since we have many unforgettable events,we set notifications,usually 1 hour before the event. Just in case we forget we can get the kids ready in time. :-)

What benefits have you seen using this app?

We had to write everything on a paper.We may lose it and everything gets all messy...So yeah that’s the main thing we use it for, Family Organisation. Everybody aware what's going on, planning ahead of time without forgetting it. We could reduce miscommunications and do not have to be careful not to lose notes. Life's just a little easier with TimeTree.

Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re happy to hear that our app has contributed to helping family organization.

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