【Manage Paperwork with TimeTree】Consultant Mrs Kaneko manages her professional appointments and her children's school forms and worksheets in the same app!

2015.10.21 Ms Kaneko and family

Paperwork Management consultant Kaneko Hiroko utilizes TimeTree in her work. Ms Kaneko, her two children and her husband form a four-person family. In TimeTree, she and her husband share a family calendar with each other. As an organizing consultant, her innovative usage of TimeTree impressed even us developers.

In looking to solve her clients' struggles with managing paperwork, she discovered TimeTree

Please tell us about your work as a Paperwork Management Consultant.

I help women who handle both housework and raising children through organization techniques, and my mission is to allow them spend their time with maximum satisfaction. I hold seminars and individual consultations on tips for organizing paperwork, rules to management for example.

How did you learn about TimeTree?

In the beginning, one of my web seminar clients asked me for "a way to share and manage the documents from the nursery that she needed to put into her schedule". I felt I could hear the desperation in her message which said, "I stick the printouts and notices on the wall but somehow my whole house gets covered in them!"
For dual income families, I thought the likelihood of both parents using smartphones was high. In that case, an app they could check during work would be good. So I started to look for an app like that and soon discovered TimeTree. TimeTree's concept, "Schedules are the center of relationships" resounded with me - I looked at it and thought "yes yes yes exactly!" - so I had to try it out.
At first I testing it for user-friendliness to decide whether or not I should introduce it to my client. But now, I find the convenience exceeds expectations and it has won me over too.

Save documents as photos, manage them together with appointments!

How do you use TimeTree?

I share a calendar with my family. In my family, we have the habit of sharing where everyone is with each other. Initially we developed this habit due to natural disasters, but aside from disasters when unpredictable events happen I worry when I don't know where my husband is. As a wife and mother, where they don't know when I'm going home, it burdens my family with unnecessary worry.
For the children, both parents will check the answers to "Who are you going out with? What time will you be back?" too so they have no choice but to be honest with the info. (laughing)
Before this we used a whiteboard where we would write our schedules for the week but both my husband and children got so busy that it didn't function well anymore. So in place of the whiteboard I introduced TimeTree. We record my husband and my appointments, the children's school events and more.

Are there any other usage methods you would recommend?

I thought it would be convenient to manage letters from the children's schools together with my schedule, so I create events such as "Primary School - Letters", take photos of the letters and post them there.

What are the good points to using TimeTree?

Did anything change after you started to use TimeTree?

In comparison to the time when we used the whiteboard, even when I'm out of the house I can record things down when I remember, and also I'm thankful I don't have to tell my husband "I've written it down" for each and every thing. In the first place, I often forget what I needed to tell him by the time he gets home .
As long as I record an event in TimeTree, there will be a notification before the event, so it's nice that there's don't need to consciously remember that event. Maybe my husband also feels it's convenient, as he started to record his own appointments without my prompting.

We didn't think of using TimeTree to save documents directly, but it seems very useful!

Indeed it is. Even though I can save "Parent Visitation Day" in the schedule, setting the start time and timetable for the whole day takes effort. However, by taking a photo of the document, it's the same as carrying the printout around! Also, it’s good that I will definitely not input the wrong information.

Thank you very much! We'll try saving documents as photos too!

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