TimeTree gives us the opportunity to always be informed about what our partner’s plan are during day/week/month!

2018.2.13 Saskia

Saskia,You are sharing a calendar with your boyfriend. Tell us about you and your challenges.

We’re living in the wonderful city Erfurt,capital of Thuringia,Germany. I am studying at the local university and have a part time job. My boyfriend,Daniel is doing shift work and I never knew if he would have time or be at work when I was planning something for us.At the same time he never knew when I had to go to my part time job or when I already had plans with my friends or when I had to do homework. So we always ended up making plans we could not fulfill.

How do you use TimeTree with your boyfriend?

We share almost every event such as working shifts,our individuals events and shared events. For example, when I have to do a presentation with a fellow student or just want to drink a coffee with a friend in the city, I add that on TimeTree so that Daniel knows if I'm available or not. We also share our notes/to-dos like groceries, get the car washed, wrap Daniel’s Mom's present.

You have other calendars.Who do you share other calendars with?

I have a second shared calendar with my mother.I visit my hometown on some weekend, so we share a calendar to know when we both will have time to spend a weekend together. I also have a third shared calendar with my university friend Sophia where we enter all of our exams and due dates for homework assignments.

How do you manage your personal schedule?

I manage my personal schedule WITHIN the shared calendar. For my personal events and to-do’s I choose the color pink and the color orange for my working shifts. Daniel chooses the color blue for his individual events and to-do’s , the colors black and brown for either night or day shift and we choose the color green for shared events and to-do’s. Because of that it's always very clear what's on our calendars.

Briefly,What benefits has TimeTree provided you?

TimeTree improved my relationship because it reduces miscommunication between Daniel and I. The app gives us the opportunity to always be informed about what our partner's plans are during the day/week/month. We have less arguments because we don't mix up our plans anymore.

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