It is always easy to find important information. Without being overwhelmed with various things we talked in chat, we do not miss important things and argue anymore.

2018.2.8 Hannah

Hannah, you are sharing a calendar with your husband. Tell us about your family.

We are living in Freiburg, Germany. I'm part time working and also part time managing my two holiday apartments together with my husband. Our kids are in Primary School and Kindergarten.

What were your challenges in organizing your family schedule?

We always have a lot of events to manage and sometimes the time schedule is tight. We organized all things for our 3 kids and apartments through mail, paper calendar and phone call. Sometimes I was unsure if my husband received all the notes on time. For example, I wanted to inform him right away, but he was busy and could not get the notes.

You have two calendars. How do you use TimeTree?

One is a family calendar and the other is a personal calendar. We use different colors of labels for different categories of events as below.
1.My personal things.
2.My husband things.
3.Events for 3 kids like dance school and playdates with friends.
4.All things concerning the holiday apartments like guest check-in time.
5.Other important shared events like planned vacations, birthdays, etc.
6.For things that might be interesting but unsure if we will attend like annual festival in town.
I love that I can insert pictures of events flyers and add notes into specific event. We also share things what we’d love to do like canoe tour and castle hike on a note section named “Keep”.

My personal calendar is connected with my Google Calendar.

What benefits have you seen using this app?

TimeTree has helped improve our conversations and organizations very much. My husband gets notifications as soon as I make entries in TimeTree. No one ever needs to say "I told you that 2 weeks ago". We do not argue about these things. As for the apartments, both of us are checking guest check-in time and can see who will manage to do it easier. TimeTree has saved our lives!

Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re happy to hear that our app has contributed to helping your family’s organization.

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