By knowing each other's schedules, we can make better use of our own time.

2015.10.22 Ms O

University students O and A who belong to the same club are a couple. O, at the end of her overseas exchange programme was returning home, and was considering tools to share her schedule.

Returning home from exchange, I started searching for an app to share my schedule with him. The design was the deciding factor.

Please tell us what prompted you to start using TimeTree.

I was on exchange in New Zealand, and I was returning to Japan when it ended in June. Since we could spend more time together once I returned home, I thought sharing our schedules might be a good idea. So I started looking for tools and found TimeTree.

Was there a final deciding factor in choosing TimeTree?

I really liked the design! I thought, "I've never seen such a simple yet pretty design for a calendar app." I planned on using it after returning to Japan, but I liked it so much I started using it before I came back.

My girlfriend told me to use it so I installed it, but I haven’t found any difficulties using it.

We started using TimeTree to share our schedules, but now we use it to manage our own schedules too

Can you give us a general idea of how you use TimeTree?

We share one calendar between us. Using the labels, my appointments, her appointments, our appointments together, club activities, are divided by colors.

Also, if there preparations, things to do, and other confirmed things, we leave them as comments for each appointment. Previously I used a schedule book, but recently I found TimeTree to be enough so I stopped using the calendar pages in my schedule book.

Aside from appointments I share with him, I gradually started adding my personal appointments to the calendar we share. I also started using the memo for notes in TimeTree instead of the schedule book I bought.

We're glad that you like TimeTree!

With an app, even if I need to make changes deleting and changing the date is easy, so compared to a schedule book of course it's more convenient.

Things like next year's events that cannot be recorded in a schedule book can be recorded, so I started to record my schedule in TimeTree. There are a lot of events which are annouced in advance, like dates to book tickets to an event, which can be next year, so I write them down in TimeTree.

By knowing each other's schedules, we can make more effective use of our personal time

Did you find any advantages to using TimeTree?

Above all, it is easier to set up and adjust dates! Even without asking each other "when are you free?", with one look at the calendar we can immediately set a time and date.

Also, by knowing each other's schedules, it is easier to prioritize our individual tasks and schedule, and so I think we can make more effective use of our personal time. For example, if a friend invites me to dinner and by the schedule he also has plans to go out with friends that day, so why not? Decision making becomes smoother. Compared to before, my day to day schedule can be confirmed in a snap.

Thank you for the detailed explanation! We understand how couples use the app much better now.

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