Now it’s easy to check and see what’s coming next. I’ll never want to live without this calendar!

2018.1.29 Elly

Elly,You are sharing a calendar with your boyfriend. Tell us about you and your challenges.

We‘re living in Ratisbona, Bavaria. My boyfriend,Berni has a full-time job and I’m a linguistics student with a part-time job. Since my boyfriend always forget sharing his events/appointment with me,we always had struggles planning. We looked for a calendar app where we can both add and edit our own appointments.

How do you use TimeTree with your boyfriend?

I’m sharing exams,doctor’s appointments,hair salon, dinner/breakfast with friends, special events at work ... really everything. When he adds an appointments, I get notifications.That’s perfect! Thanks to the possibility to select different colors to categorize events, it’s easy to check and see what’s coming next. For example, Red for exams,Pink for my own appointments,Green for Berni’s events, Purple for both of us and so on. Regarding upcoming events without a specific date that we need to plan more precisely, I share notes on "Keep"section. Recently I knew I can add comments on each event. If an appointment requires something special, like a Birthday, I’ll add a comment with what to bring.

You have another calendar. Who are the other group that you share the calendar?

We share with two friends of ours. We’re sharing dates like dinner or short trips,things we’re doing together and our birthday.

Briefly,What benefits has TimeTree provided you?

We had to write everything on a paper.We may lose it and everything gets all messy…
So yeah that’s the main thing we use it for, Family Organisation.

Everybody aware what's going on, planning ahead of time without forgetting it.
We could reduce miscommunications and do not have to be careful not to lose notes. Life's just a little easier with TimeTree.

Thank you for sharing your experience. We’re happy to hear that our app has contributed to helping family organization.

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